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        Our Transformation
        A Better Freddie Mac, A Better Housing Finance System

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        Our LIHTC Equity Investments Came Just in the Nick of Time

        Analysis predicted tax reform would slash affordable housing investment. Our $500 million boost may be one reason that never happened.

        David Leopold
        David Leopold
        VP Multifamily Affordable Housing Production

        Freddie Mac Announces Single-Family Leadership Changes

        Freddie Mac ? today announced that David Lowman has informed the company that he will be stepping down from his position as executive vice president of the Single-Family...

        What are HOA's?

        A homeowners association (HOA) is a group who enforces rules to protect home values and maintain the quality of life for a community.

        Duty to Serve

        Tackling the nation’s most persistent housing challenges

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        Proximity to a Metro Rail Station and Its Impact on Washington, DC Metropolitan House Prices: Amenity or Not?

        INSIGHT | Oct 2, 2019

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        We're Tracking The Market

        Freddie Mac surveys lenders each week on the rates, fees and points for the most popular mortgage products. Average Mortgage Rates as of October 3, 2019

        Get Weekly Rates
        30-Yr FRM

        0.6 Fees/Points

        15-Yr FRM

        0.5 Fees/Points

        5/1-Yr ARM

        0.4 Fees/Points

        Celebrating 5-years of SERVE

        Giving, volunteering, and making positive impacts in our communities

        How we serve

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